General Registration Information

New Student Registration    
New registrations for the school year are handled by each individual school.  Please contact the appropriate school to begin your registration process.  Textbook and rental fees may be paid online at the time of registration.
Items to bring for registration:

A)  Two of the following: Nipsco, Water, Phone, Cable, (copy of bill or deposit receipts with address) also:
B)  Two of the following: Driver's license, vehicle registration, voter's registration, recent paycheck/unemployment check receipt (parent/guardian must provide these ID's showing current Highland address) also:
C)  One of the following: Lease AND rent receipt OR if living with someone, a notarized letter from the homeowner and 3 proofs of their residency

Also need:

  • Child's certified birth certificate (not hospital certificate)
  • Health/Immunization card  (Name and phone number of Pediatrician)
  • Child's Social Security Card
  • Custody Papers
  • Three documents such as utility bills, driver's license, and state photo ID are required to prove residency
Child's certified birth certificate (not hospital certificate)


Returning Student Registration

Parents may register their children ONLINE using the parent access system.  If you child has already attended one of the schools in the School Town of Highland this method of registration may be of interest to you.  Simple Login to your Parent Access account after August 1st and save yourself some time and travel.  All book rental fees may be paid online as well. 

Procedure for ONLINE Registration

  • Login to Parent Access/Complete forms/Submit
  • Check your School Website for Packet Pickup/Parking Permit/Athletic Information 
  • Complete documents that cannot be done online and return them to school sometime during the first week
  • Let us know how online registration affected your time and travel (we would really like your feedback)
  • REMEMBER:  Come back often to update any changing information!