An Introduction to High Ability Education Presentations

A huge thank you to Dr. Kristie Spiers Neumeister and Dr. Ginny Burney for allowing us to use the materials in these presentations.
The first of several modules discusses the purpose and an overview of high ability education, describing characteristics of high ability students and the importance of making sure we meet their academic needs. It ends with an overview of how the School Town of Highland is currently meeting the needs of our high ability students.  NOTE: While the materials use the term 'gifted,' the State of Indiana and the STOH use the term 'high ability.' 
Module1:  Purpose and Overview of High Ability (Gifted) Education

The next presentation provides an overview of the identification process for selecting students to participate in a high ability program. It discusses best practices in identification, the importance of a multifacted identification plan--including measures of achievement and ability, the differences between screening and identification measures, and the importance of considering standard error of measurement. You might also be interested in reading Indiana's guidelines for Identifying High Ability Students in Indiana.
Module3: Identification of High Ability (Gifted) Learners