ESL Program

The School Town of Highland provides English language instruction for our English Learner (EL) students K-12.
During the 2013-14 school year, although the district surpassed its target (significantly) in both the percent of K-12 LEP students whose performance increased 12 or more scale score points AND attained a Level 5 on the LAS Links, the district missed making its (Adequate Yearly Progress) AYP target by .37%. As a result, we analyzed data, wrote and submitted a plan to the State, citing action steps we will take to continue to improve our ESL program. One of those steps is to write an ESL Program Handbook that describes our program, policies/procedures related to instruction, laws related to ESL programming and other information that will provide parents, students, educators and the community with a better understanding of STOH's ESL program. 

STOH ESL Program Parent-Student Handbook

If you have suggestions for information you would like to see in the handbook, please e-mail the Title III Coordinator, Dr. Sherri L. Mitchell at
The STOH ESL program staff includes:
Jane Sprenne, Elementary ESL teacher
Zachary Davis, Middle School ESL teacher
Brian Jobbe, Middle School ESL paraprofessional
Mary Beth Lubarski, High School ESL teacher
Dr. Sherri Mitchell, District ESL/Title III Coordinator